Associated Electric Cooperative, Inc., the power generation cooperative for Howell-Oregon Electric Cooperative, Inc. (HOEC), began a Green Power purchasing program in 2003, years ahead of any requirements for renewable energy. As a member participating in the program, your funds will purchase additional renewable energy, which will be added to the renewable power already on the grid.

As a member, if you choose to purchase Green Power, you must commit to a 6-month contract. Green Power may be purchased in 100-kilowatt blocks for $6.00 per block and you may purchase as many blocks as you wish. The additional charge will be added to your regular electric service bill at the Cooperative.

Sources of Green Power come from generation through wind, solar or biomass. Cooperatives in Missouri have increased the amount of renewable energy being distributed in the state and will continue to do so. The Cooperatives currently receive power from six wind farms located in Missouri, Kansas and Oklahoma. Two additional wind farms are currently under construction in northwest Missouri.

Renewable energy is more costly to produce and is not as reliable since power is only generated during sustaining winds or when the sun is shining. For these reasons renewable sources of energy are not capable of replacing base load generation required to meet the demand for electricity 24 hours a day.

The Green Power program does not provide a means to prolong the use of our natural resources. Purchasing Green Power is voluntary and only members choosing to participate will pay the additional premium. For complete details contact the Cooperative office at 417-256-2131 or toll free at 1-888-HOE-POWER.

For more information, download the Green Power Fact Sheet below.