Bills are due on the 1st of each month and may be paid on or before the 10th of each month without incurring a late fee. See the Payment Options page for several convenient ways to pay.

All bills not paid by the 10th will be assessed a $10.00 Late Fee. Reminder notice will be sent after the 10th of each month. On the 22nd of the month, unpaid bills are subject to service disconnection and ALL THREE of the following:

  A Collection Fee of $45.00 applies if any disconnect processes have been initiated, payment is made to a collector, or electric service is disconnected;

  If service is disconnected, payment for all kilowatt hours used on the meter to date is immediately due;

  A Reconnect Fee of $125.00 applies to have service reconnected after hours, on a weekend, on a holiday, or same day as disconnected. If service is reconnected on a business day (other than the day of disconnection) between 8:00am and 4:00pm, the Reconnect Fee will be $45.00.

Other possible fees resulting from non-payment of bill:

• Returned check or card payment Service Fee: $15.00

• Returned check or card payment Collection Fee: $45.00




Membership & First Meter Deposit:

With a favorable utility credit reference: $60.00

Without a favorable reference: $250.00 minimum

Additional Meter Deposit:

With a favorable utility credit reference: no additional deposit required

Without a favorable reference: $250.00 minimum



Service Availability is the minimum monthly amount charged to each meter. This is not a new charge; it was previously included in the Energy Charge amount on billing statements, but is now listed separately (as of June 2024). The fee helps your Cooperative recover a portion of the fixed costs of delivering power to you, including maintaining the poles, lines, transformers, and meter equipment at your location, as well as billing and administrative costs. These costs are incurred even if no electricity is used. The separate lines on your statement allow you to more easily see the actual cost of your usage.



• Installation: Cost of Double-Throw Switch only

• Removal of Double-Throw Switch: $150.00

• Relocation of Switch at Same Account: $250.00

• Relocation of Switch to Another Account: $300.00



• Distributed Generation Dual Register Meter Upgrade: $100.00

• Meter Connect Fee outside of regular working hours: $125.00

• Member Service Trouble Call Fee during regular working hours: $85.00

• Member Service Trouble Call Fee outside of regular working hours: $150.00

• Meter Check Fee (refundable if cooperative equipment is at fault): $45.00

• Meter Tampering: $200.00 Fee, plus cost of estimated stolen electricity, cost of investigation and correction, and possibility of charges resulting in fine and/or imprisonment


Through our SmartHub® website and SmartHub mobile app, we accept credit card payments for electric bills and other services that have been billed to a member. In the case of electric bills, these are non-returnable merchandise and thus non-refundable, unless a miscalculation has been made in the bill or the payment. Some other merchandise which would be billed is returnable, and refunds are available where appropriate. In all cases the items for which the payments are made are already in the possession of the member at the time payment is made. When a payment is made online, the payment will be posted to your cooperative account no later than the first business day following the payment.