Morning update, Friday January 27

Crews made significant gains yesterday and into last night. Overnight total outages dwindled to 4,900 members. The high point on outages was approximately 15,000. More lineman from other cooperatives came in to assist today. Total linemen on the ground is approximately 120. As a reminder, stay away from downed power lines. More updates will be provided today.

Afternoon update, Thursday January 26

We currently have around 7,700 members remaining without power (down from about 14,000 initially). We will be adding more mutual aid from two additional Electric Cooperatives and our contractor for tomorrow. They will continue to troubleshoot issues and reconnect power when it is safe to do so. Keep in mind, as they work, there are times they must turn service off temporarily for safety, to get it back on for more people. Thank you for your continued patience.

Cooperation among Cooperatives


With our mutual aid from other Missouri Electric Cooperatives our crew size almost doubled, and they are out in all areas today troubleshooting issues and working to power back on for our members. Keep in mind, as they troubleshoot issues, there are times they must turn service off temporarily to get it back on for more people. Thank you for your continued patience.

Status Update - Southern Missouri Cooperatives Hit Hard


Thank you for your patience as we continue to safely restore power outages due to the damage from the wet, heavy snow we received overnight. We currently have 13,956 members of our 25,374 without power, meaning more than half of our members are without power. This unprecedently heavy snow has brought limbs, trees and lines down across our service area making some areas difficult to reach.

Help arriving

southwest crew 3

HOEC called for help and they have arrived! The first group pulled into the Coop to get instructions and will be assisting our lineman in restoring power to the more than 14,000 members who are without. This is the first group with more planning to arrive this afternoon and evening. Thank you to our Coop family for lending a hand!

Members, please note:

Facebook comments and emails are not monitored for outage reports. To report an outage, use the SmartHub app or this website (click "Report an Outage" at top-right and login or register). Due to the large number of storm related outages, our phones are overwhelmed; the SmartHub Website or SmartHub App is the fastest way to report your outage. The website is compatible with smartphones.

SmartHub can only be used to report your own outage; please do not try to report an outage for a family member at another location.

Winter Storm Outages


Approximately 13,300 members are without power following the snowstorm that blanketed the area in heavy, wet snow. While it is still too early to know the extent of all the damage, the snow brought trees and limbs down, many of which caused power outages for our members. Our crews were dispatched immediately to begin working to safely restore power and worked throughout the night.