Poor visibility

We are under a Dense Fog Advisory and if you've been out traveling today you know it's true. Please remember your headlights in this weather. Not so you can see, but so you can be seen. And remember daytime running lights do not activate your tail lights, so please make sure your headlights are in the on position. Be safe out there!

Tuesday afternoon outage

We currently have 101 members without power north of Eminence. Dispatch is aware of the outage and crews have been sent. If you need to report a continued outage, please do so on the SmartHub mobile app or through the SmartHub link at top-right of our website. You may also call 417-256-2131 or toll-free 888-HOE-POWER. Please stay away from downed power lines and stay safe. Thank you for your patience.

Tuesday morning outage

UPDATE 12:40pm: HOEC has restored power to the 3 Phase line, leaving only 55 members currently without power. We are aware of the continued outages and are working to make the repairs as safely and quickly as possible. Thank you for your continued patience.

Thank You

Thank you to our members for reducing energy usage during these past few cold days. Remember YOU can help control your bill by controlling when and how much energy you use. The lower energy demand helps keep YOUR electric bill from increasing in the years to come!

Filter Maintenance

Have you checked your heating system’s filter lately? Regularly replacing dirty filters saves energy, extends the life of your heating system and provides better temperature control. Set a reminder on your phone to check filters every two months.