Planting Grassroots Power

From the Desk of Dan Singletary, CEO/General Manager

Every spring gardeners start planning their vegetable garden. The timing must be perfect. You can’t plant too early, because a late frost could wipe out seedlings. You can’t plant too late since the buds may not have time to take root and produce a crop.

Without the protection of water and a strong grassroots system, most vegetables can’t survive a hot summer.

Oddly enough, great ideas are the same. If you share an idea too early without a community’s support, it gets lost in the shuffle. If you lobby for an idea no one knows about - even something that would help everyone - lack of interest may cause the idea to wilt and die.

How do great ideas thrive? They need grassroots support.

At Howell-Oregon Electric Cooperative we’re looking out for you, making sure you have cost efficient and reliable electricity. Sometimes state or federal laws and regulations threaten this, so we lobby hard on your behalf. But without your support, our ideas often don’t reach the right ears.

No matter how loudly we speak out on how legislation or an agency rule may impact electric bills, our voice dims in comparison to one of the most untapped resources in our community - YOU. We’re a community-minded organization - YOU are a voter. We’re working hard on your behalf, but your support helps ideas take root and survive.

Ready to help electric co-ops build a deeper grassroots base? Go to, and sign up for e-mail alerts when your voice needs heard. You should also visit to learn about specific issues affecting the electric cooperative power grid.

The Association of Missouri Electric Cooperatives, HOEC and other electric cooperatives across the nation are committed to powering your community and empowering you to improve your quality of life. We work closely with political leaders and want to arm you with the tools needed to help us plant deeper grassroots.

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