Weather forecasts are calling for unseasonable heat to continue throughout this week. We’re issuing a PEAK ALERT and encouraging HOEC members to conserve their electricity usage from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m. this week. The extreme temperatures and longer run time on HVAC units could set a peak that affects power costs in the future.

We request that you use these ideas to minimize your household’s electric usage:

☀️ Turn up your thermostat a few degrees to minimize run time on your air conditioner.
☀️ Limit use of appliances for baking, laundry, and doing your dishes.
☀️ Use toasters, microwaves, and other smaller appliances to make your meals.
☀️ Unplug or turn off unused electronics, chargers, and lights.

Taking steps to decrease your electric usage at this time will help reduce the overall costs to your Cooperative.